Satellite Check: GPS Tools

Satellite Check: GPS Tools

Use Satellite Check to navigate with the 6 navigation satellite constellations

Android Android 4.4 and up Maps & Navigation
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Use Satellite Check to navigate with the 6 navigation satellite constellations.

Navigate online and offline, view coordinates, number of available satellites, atomic satellite time, satellite signal quality, satellite positions and other satellite statistics.

Use the app's satellite reports to understand the quality of the location information provided by your Android device. If the quality is poor, the app provides a utility to improve both the time to an initial fix and the accuracy of your location reports.

In addition to location and satellite reporting, the app will calculate all kinds of interesting figures such as your altitude, distance to points of interest, physical addresses, sunrise, sunset, moon phases and much more. Your position and the date are used to calculate the magnetic declination for your location allowing magnetic compasses in the application to report deviation from true north instead of magnetic north. The true-north-reporting compasses work very nicely with the maps which can be oriented along the true north-south axis or rotated to your heading, depending on your preference.

The app's navigation package includes a waypoint logger and works with many different map types, compasses, and measuring tools. This app will help keep you oriented even in the strangest of places.

A handy app for any GPS aficionado.


– Satellite filter:

Identify navigation satellites by
country or countries of origin:

● GPS Satellites (USA)
● Glonass Satellites (Russia)
● Galileo Satellites (European Space Agency)
● Beidou (China)
● QZSS (Japan)
● IRNSS (India)

* Galileo, Beidou, IRNSS and QZSS satellites may be visible on some devices manufactured after 2017 and must be running Android 7.0 or later.

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