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The RaspController application allows you to easily manage your Raspberry Pi remotely

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The RaspController application allows you to easily manage your Raspberry Pi remotely. Now it is possible manage files, to control the GPIO ports, send commands directly through the terminal, view images from a connected camera and obtain data from different sensors. Finally, wiring diagrams, pins and various information are available for the correct use of the Raspberry Pi.

Features included in the app:

✓ GPIO management (On/Off or impulsive function)
✓ File manager (Explore the content of Raspberry PI, copy, paste, delete, download and visualize properties of files, text editor)
✓ Shell SSH (Send custom commands to your Raspberry PI)
✓ Cpu, Ram, Storage, Network monitoring
✓ Camera (Shows images of the camera connected to the Raspberry PI)
✓ Custom user widgets
✓ Process list
✓ Support for DHT11/22 sensors (Humidity and temperature)
✓ Support for DS18B20 sensors (Temperature)
✓ Support for BMP sensors (Pressure, temperature, altitude)
✓ Support for Sense Hat
✓ Info Raspberry PI (Read all the information of the connected device)
✓ Pinout and diagrams
✓ Wake On Lan (Use Raspberry PI to send "WakeOnLan" magic packets)
✓ Shutdown
✓ Reboot

☆ It use protocol SSH.
☆ Authentication: password or SSH Key (RSA, ED25519, ECDSA).
☆ Plugin for Tasker app.

Kindly don't use the Evaluation System for reporting bugs. Instead, please contact me directly.

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Apps Information
Package Name:
Update Date:
May 9, 2022
Latest Version:
Need Update:
Available on:
Google Play
Android 5.0 and up+
Whats News Update
* New: Camera images using the new libcamera
* New: Ability to set the margins of the terminal
* Add: Button to reset camera settings
* Upd: Improved compatibility with Android 12
* Fix: Links to some resources
* Fix: Display of the function list with the device already connected
* Fix: Back button on the Shell
* Fix: Scrolling in the shell brings up the keyboard
* Fix: Shutdown and reboot command on 64bit Raspberry Pi OS
* Fix: Package installation verification command

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