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FPS gun shooting military game Download Battlelands:ww2 simulator Mod in Games Action

Fight upon the Battlelands together with your Blue allies! , FPS War Singleplayer Shooter Action Military games! Ravage Through the Battlefield!

Battlelands is a fun and free single-player Battlefield-style shooter, it's a fast-paced and somewhat grisly FPS well worth your time. With a wide variety of gameplay options, intuitive commands, great enemy AI and well-crafted pacing, Battlelands is regarded today with overwhelmingly positive sentiment.

If you like the epic large-scale battles of Battlefield or similar games but don’t like the multiplayer aspect, then I would highly recommend picking up Battlelands. If you ever feel the need to relax and play a low-stress shooter, this game is right for you.

- 30+ classic weapons (rifles, machine guns, shotguns, sniper, flame guns, RPG, howitzers, etc.)
- 10+ special props (incendiary bombs, remote bombs, crossbows, shields, night vision, tracking missiles, etc.)
- 10+ large vehicles (attack helicopters, aircraft carrier fighters, armored vehicles, tanks, jeeps, quad bikes, etc.)
- 20+ classic battles (Sinai Desert, Normandy Landing, Alamein Battle, Wake Island, Daqing Oilfield, etc.)
- 10+ arms skins (rain forest, snow, desert, mountain, desert, navy, special police, etc.)
- 4 game modes (capture the flag, deathmatch, lone wolf, custom mode)
- A variety of custom play methods (assault mode, night mode, reverse mode)
- Real ballistic trajectory, pure physical simulation system, rich explosion special effects

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