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Can you save your family from its desperate crisis? Download Don of Dons Mod in Games Strategy

There is only one person that can stand at the top of the mafia world, by having all godfathers at his command he rules the world, he is the one with the supreme power -- Don of Dons.
The 《Don of Dons》 is considered to be a strategy game with an evil underworld mafia theme.
As a player, your goal is conquer the mafia world, to do this you must lead your families to attack enemies, recruit mafia heroes, train loyal warriors and create your own Alliance!
Vitality of this game comes from the bloodiest of battles and vicious conspiracies in this unforgiving mafia underworld.
Can you save your family from its desperate crisis?

Game Features
1. Recruiting unique mafia heroes
As a rising Tang, you have legendary mafia heroes and family warriors behind your back, all loyal to you to the very end, with their support you can expand your powers to take over the world.
2. Dating beautiful ladies
There are several ladies at the manor waiting for your return, when coming back from a full day of battles, your ladies will be there to help you relax, chit chatting with them will help you get to know more about their private life.
3. The black and white ways
Your businesses already cover the whole world, but robbing and smuggling are also a part of your everyday routine. What about the law? Even the police are on your side and always show respect to you and your businesses, you can consider the police as your people as well.
4. Forge a valiant Alliance legion
Your allies are like family, they are one with you in mind and in heart and help each other. Every underground industry, every capital of wealth contributes to the reputation of the Alliance! This huge world is all yours for the taking!
5. Free Marching
You can command your troops to go wherever, whenever you please, you can even change their course to a new target, during their march.
6. Global server for battles
In this server your opponents can come from different places in the world, they could be from a different country and probably are of a different nationality, here you can battle each other make alliances or chat with each other.
You can also compete against each other for the godfather throne!
7. Torture and interrogations in prison
During battles you can capture enemies, who have been defeated, and torture them to leak secrets that could benefit the family!

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What is new in version 1.9

1. New Capo: Carl (Participate in the Arena and have a chance to get Carl's fragments)
2. Some other