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Delve up the darkest secrets of mystical city and unravel the web of intrigues! Download Hidden Objects: Twilight Town Mod in Games Adventure

Free Hidden Object Games are all about secrets, be it crime investigations, ancient relic hunting or dark mysteries. This casual Adventure Game has a bit of everything to keep you on your toes since the very first moment. Explore Hidden Object scenes free offline, collect mystic artifacts and unravel a murder mystery… and it’s only the beginning!

Heading to a hidden city to inherit an old mansion, you could have never imagined what revelations the mystery manor may hold. What if the kindred and the lycans were all real, as well as ghost stories and magic? If a discovery of witches, vampires and werewolves actually living around the corner isn’t weird enough, you are to become an impartial judge of the Others. Being human, you will have to maintain peace in the mystery city, prevent v-wars and help the witchcraft victims.

The dark fantasy adventure combines the elements of sim and Hidden Object Games, with casual puzzles and riddles unlocked as you progress. The city-building features are not story-bound, and are side quests which let you gain extra experience and reputation points. Explore the city map for a rich playing experience. Let us point out the main mini-games and their respective locations.

Hidden Object
Since it’s a free Hidden Object Adventure game, seek-and-find mechanic prevails. Most pinpoints on the map are Hidden Object locations. The more you visit them, the greater is your reward for finding items. But don’t be afraid that it gets repetitive. Hidden objects change their position every time. The HOS itself may change due to various anomalies. As the dark side of the city unveils, more cryptic locations unlock, and new Hidden Object Game modes come up. By the way, you may also be tasked to find objects in the picture by image, not only word list.

Match-3 (Jewel shop)
Jewel match games bring you money… and fun. Clear the board in the blitz mode or in limited moves to earn coins and XP points. More Puzzles await in the Underworld, mostly casual Merge games. It takes time to unlock them, because the cryptic caverns become available at higher experience levels. The Match-3 puzzles also need energy to play, but you can ask some as a gift if you play with friends.

Scramble Words (Library)
Not only do riddles introduce puzzle mode to the generally find-and-match gameplay, but also tell the story of the hidden city. The library keeps the lost grimoirs of the vampire legends and tales of the werewolves. Decipher seekers notes to discover a hidden mystery as you play Word Games free offline. Collect the ancient scrolls to learn about the blood origins and the secret society in the city.

City simulator (Port and Railway terminal)
The city management implies some cargo delivery routine. Manage deliveries from the airport, railway station and the docks. Optimize traffic to help the trucks deliver cargo to the workshop in time for more perks. Most city sim tasks are optional, however they allow you to win reputation among the residents. Get involved into a rescue dash and save the townsfolk from the attacks of the moonlight creatures and ordinary criminals.

⚔️ Battle
The Underworld is a savage place, where you can fight vampires and other magical creatures in turn-based battles. Decide upon the hit and defense strategy and earn money in PvP battles. Enjoy the character art of the dozens of magic fighters.

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