Maths Notes for JEE Offline

Maths Notes for JEE Offline

v3.6 by ToraLabs

This app helps students preparing for JEE Mains , JEE Advanced or 11-12th Exams

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Maths Notes for JEE Offline Description

This app helps students preparing for JEE Mains , JEE Advanced or 11-12th Exams.
It also helps college grade student and teachers for preparing notes.
These notes are robust and on to the point.

This app has many features. Special features are :

• Bookmark Pages in every Chapter.
• Dark Mode in every Chapter.
• Smallest size of app in this category.
• Works Offline. No Internet Connection Required.
• 15 colors themes are present for better user-experience.
• Clear font for better readability.
• Zooming available.
• Easy to use.
• Distraction free mode.
• User-friendly , professionally designed and intuitive interface.
• Simple App.
• This App is in English.

This app has notes of all the chapters. List of Chapters are :

• Set Theory.
• Relations.
• Functions.
• Limits.
• Continuity.
• Differentiability.
• Differentiation.
• Application in Mechanics.
• Tangent & Normal Theory.
• Maxima & Minima.
• Increasing and Decreasing functions.
• Rolle's Theorem.
• Lagrange's Mean Value Theorem.
• Indefinite Integral.
• Definite Integral.
• Area Under Curve.
• Differential Equations.
• Vector Algebra.
• 3-D Coordinate Geometry.
• Determinants and Matrices.
• Matrices.
• Computing and Binary Operations.
• Logarithms.
• Indices and Surds.
• Partial Fraction.
• Complex Numbers.
• Progressions.
• Quadratic Equations and Inequation.
• Permutations and Combinations.
• Binomial Theorem and Mathematical Induction.
• Exponential and Logarithm Series.
• Rectangular Cartesian Co-ordinates.
• Straight Line.
• Pair of Straight Lines.
• Circle and System of Circles.
• Conic Section.
• Ellipse.
• Hyperbola.
• Trignometrical Ratio, Function and Identites.
• Trignometrical Equation and Inequations.
• Properties of Triangle & Solutions of Triangle.
• Heights and Distances.
• Inverse Trignometrical Functions.
• Hyperbolic Functions.
• Probability.
• Statistics.
• Linear Programming


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April 3, 2022
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• Crash Fixes and Optimizations.
• Crash Fixes and Optimizations.
• Bookmark important pages in every Chapter.
• Choose from 15 themes available for free.
• Bug Fixes and Optimizations.

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