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1. iTourTranslator is a powerful translation APP with many translation functions: (1) It supports real-time translation for making and receiving calls. (2) Users can make audio or video calls with friends on social apps such as WhatsApp, Wechat, Messenger, Line, Telegram, etc. The calls will be translated in real time. The other party does not need to download this APP. (3) It can translate online videos and online meetings in real time. (4) There are many human translators in the APP, which can provide users with phone translation and remote video translation online and in real time. (5) It has an independent cloud conference system, and the speech in the meeting will be translated in real time. (6) It also supports photo translation, listening mode translation, dialogue translation, web page translation and text translation. (7) It also has an instant messaging system and post function. On this APP, you can meet friends from all over the world. You can chat with them or post photos. Texts, calls, voices and posts will all be translated in real time.
This APP is not only dedicated to breaking the language barrier, but also provides support for the hearing impaired. The main functions are suitable for the hearing impaired.
This APP supports 119 languages and can call 200+ countries.

2. Introduction of features:
(1) Telephone translation:
When making a call, there is no need to install this APP on the receiving party's mobile phone. If the user finds that the machine translation is not accurate enough during the phone call, he can also call a human translator to help at any time in the APP.

(2) Transcribe
It will perform real-time uninterrupted translation of the sound it hears, and bilingual subtitles will appear. And it will automatically record and export subtitle scripts.
Especially suitable for: online classes for international students and classes for international students. Users can use it to translate online videos, as well as to translate Zoom meetings, Teams meetings, etc.

(3) Live translation by online translator:
You can call an online live translator to help you translate the phone call you want to make at any time. If you encounter language difficulties abroad, you can always call a live interpreter to help you translate through remote video appearing on your mobile phone, which is equivalent to bringing a live interpreter with you.
These translators can also help you translate documents, videos, photos and other translation services.

(4) Listening function:
This function effectively solves the problem that requires him to cooperate with you when communicating with foreign friends abroad. When you talk to a foreign friend, he can just say whatever he wants. The APP will translate at any time, so you don’t need to pass the phone around.

(5) Conference translation:
This APP contains a complete cloud conference system. You can hold a multinational conference through this APP, and the language in the conference will be translated in real time.

(6) Instant messaging and social networks:
Users can meet and communicate with friends all over the world in the APP, and can post photos. Supports various instant messaging functions such as text chat, voice chat, audio and video calls, group chats, etc. All instant messages and posts will be translated.

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