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Meditation apps to help you get deep sleep. Guided meditation for relax & sleep.

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Do you want to relax and sleep deeply?
Do you want to release stress and anxiety from work, study or illness?
Do you want a wide variety of meditations to choose and fit your style?
Let's try guided meditation free app for better sleep and super relaxing.

Guided meditation free for sleep, mindfulness and relaxation app gives you more than 70 meditations to help you focus, relax, calm, relieve stress and sleep deeply with angel voice and English accent.

Meditate, calm, relax and sleep well with our guided meditation, sleep and relaxation.

What is guided meditation?

Guided meditation works like the two small wheels that are attached to the bicycle of children who learn to ride. They use it to make their first pedal strokes without falling, but the goal is, sooner or later, to get rid of it. Indeed, guided mediation is mainly aimed at beginners.

By offering step-by-step support in the first experiences of meditation, it serves to support those who do not know how to go about it or who are just afraid of doing wrong.

Here, instead of two small wheels, it is a voice that accompanies us in our first steps. And all we have to do is follow it. Guided meditation sessions can take place both in groups, with a guide, and on their own, using an app or video.

In all cases, a voice will guide you throughout the session. With an often calm and slow intonation that will call for relaxation, it will help you reach the right state of concentration and relaxation to let you go into meditation.

Guided meditation works like a GPS. It shows you the path to follow to avoid that, at each intersection, you don't wonder where to go. The voice will explain to you how to proceed at each step so that you always know what to do without having to think about it yourself.

The goal is to help you go through an entire meditation session without giving your mind the opportunity to frolic all over the place and to ask yourself all the time whether you are doing things right or whether you should you do it differently.

Like the two small wheels and the GPS, guided meditation is especially useful during your first sessions. Indeed, after a number of them, not only will you know the path to take, but you will also need no help whatsoever to move forward. By that time, the guided meditation will have reached its goal and you will then be able to meditate alone.

Why use guided meditation?

First, it makes meditation accessible to all. Firstly because no prior knowledge is required to start guided meditation, but also because, by taking us by the hand, it allows us to discover a world that may seem intimidating at first.

By accompanying us and showing us the path to follow from the start, guided meditation thus breaks down the many barriers that we can erect in front of us at the time of learning meditation, such as the fear of s '' put it alone and make mistakes, lack of motivation or not knowing where to start or having trouble learning on our own, unless you prefer to go a long way with it!

It thus helps us to take the first step towards meditation. But more importantly, it also helps us do it right. Step by step, it teaches us the main concepts of meditation so that we can make them ours. It helps us find the right posture, the right breath and the right approach, and teaches us what to focus on during a session. Nothing is left out, so you can be sure you are learning without making a mistake.

Finally, guided meditation is responsible for answering, implicitly or explicitly, all the questions that often mistreat our concentration during our first sessions, such as “am I doing well?”, “why does this seem not to work for me? “or“ should I think of something else? ”. As a result, you can focus on the essentials instead of letting your mind fill with many questions that, without guided meditation, could go unanswered.'

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