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This app contains a computer basic course and an advanced course for a beginner as well as an expert to increase your computer skills

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This app contains a computer basic course and an advanced course for a beginner as well as an expert to increase your computer skills. This app is designed for students who want to learn computer courses. This app also contains computer science school notes From class 5 to 10.

Computer course covered in this app are pointed below
1. Basic computer courses: Everyone must know in this 21st century
2. Advanced Computer course: Can change your career
3. Hardware and software: Fix computer technical issues
4. Networking: LAN, MAN, WAN
5. Graphics designing: Photoshop, Coreldraw, Pagemaker
6. Database management: Microsoft Access
7. Computer notes for students
8. Computer shortcut keys and run commands
9. Many more

Computer Notes available on topics
1. Introduction to computer: History and Generation of computer, Types of computer
2. Input and Output devices
3. Computer Software concept: Operating System, Types of software
4. Computer Hardware: Monitor, CPU, Keyboard, mouse
5. The memory of Computer: Primary memory, secondary memory
6. Computer Networking System
7. Computer Virus and Antivirus
8. Word processing: Microsoft Word (Microsoft Office Package)
9. Spreadsheet software: Microsoft Excel
10. Presentation software: Microsoft PowerPoint
11. Computer Graphics: Microsoft Paint, Photoshop
12. Email and Internet: Information and Communication Technologies
13. Social impact of computer
14. E-Government
15. HTML Web page designing: helps you gain programming knowledge like a Java programming language
16. Multimedia and its application: Education, Health, Entertainment
17. Computer Programming language
18. Program design tools
19. Algorithm and Flowchart
20. QBASIC: Programming and Statement
21. MS LOGO Program
22. Typing Tutor: Proper position of figures while typing
23. ICT and Computer Ethics
24. Number System: Binary, decimal, hexadecimal

Fundamental of computer is the most important exercise, a user must know before using a laptop or desktop. We have also covered it within several chapters. This is a well-known computer (Information Technology) training app. We have explained a lot of materials with the help of images, which makes the user understand easily.

After completing basic computer science chapters you can start using available computer shortcut keys and run commands to increase your working speed on the computer. Using shortcuts is a cool thing that makes you smarter.

After completing all these courses you can repair desktop or laptop hardware and can also solve software problems. This app will help you make your career good.

Features of the Computer basic and advanced course offline app
1. Simple user interface
2. Explained every tool
3. Easy to understand
4. Computer shortcut keys
5. Computer abbreviation
6. Windows run commands
7. Tips and tricks
8. Works offline
9. Videos links
10. Free educational apps

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